Saturday, August 04, 2012

Two New Deep Ellum Beers

DALLAS - Deep Ellum Brewing released two new beers this week at two different venues around Dallas' Uptown area.

The first beer is the summer seasonal Wealth & Taste, a 9.5% ABV Belgian strong golden ale aged in Chardonnay barrels. The second is a new year-round offering named Dallas Blonde, a light blonde or extra pale ale.


Anonymous said...

I am a server at a local beer pub and we love Deep Ellum!! We love local Texas beer we have had our Ben E Kieth specialty rep come in and bash other local beers because they are taking over the handles. We wanted to keep our name out so we could continue to get good service and stay out of drama, funny they wouldn't even take it serious. We are now going to keep with local beer more and more due to their poor etiquette and our horrible sales rep!! Go Deep Ellum!!!

Jessica said...

I heard about this! My friend works at a bar and was saying that they are bashing other breweries, they really shouldn't rag on other breweries trying to make it just like budweiser did. We need to support each other not bring each other down. I love beer of all kinds, but not the kind that acts like that!!!