Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wicked Beaver Brewing

WOLFORTH - The Texas Panhandle will soon have its first craft brewery in quite a while as Wicked Beaver Brewing is now under development and fundraising.

Brewers Michael Adams and Che Shadle are currently finalizing brewery plans for a site near Clarendon on the Greenbelt Reservoir, about 50 miles southeast of Amarillo. No date has yet been announced for a brewery opening.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Uncle Billy's Second Location

AUSTIN - Uncle Billy's Brew & Que updated their pages with photos of their planned second Austin location overlooking Lake Travis.

This second site will be part of the Oasis, Texas, commercial development of restaurants and specialty retail located high on the cliffs next to the Oasis restaurant. The new Uncle Billy's Brew & Que will include on-site brewing and is expected to open in late 2010.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Covey on NBC


FORT WORTH - The Covey Restaurant & Brewery was featured recently in a premium television spot on local NBC affiliate KXAS (Channel 5) in their "Around Town" segment, airing just before the opening of Saturday Night Live.

The full video as well as a short online write-up is available on NBC's website as the feature entitled "One Brewmaster and a Chef: The Covey."

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Rahr & Sons Label Redesign

FORT WORTH - Taking advantage of the down-time provided by their roof collapse, Rahr & Sons has updated their logo and beer labels. New graphics by GCG Marketing provided an opportunity to standardize the artwork and layout across all of their products.

Saint Arnold Moveable Yeast Series

HOUSTON - Saint Arnold announced today a new series of limited-edition beers to be named Moveable Yeast, each featuring their standard production beers but using contrasting yeast strains.

The quarterly releases will be:
  • Weedwacker, the Fancy Lawnmower fermented with a Bavarian hefeweizen yeast;
  • Altared Amber, the Amber Ale fermented with Belgian Trappist yeast;
  • Bitter Belgian, the Elissa IPA also fermented with Trappist yeast; and
  • Brown Bitter, the Brown Ale fermented with German alt yeast.
All these beers will be offered only on tap and in limited batches of 60 barrels each. The first release of Weedwacker is scheduled for release this August.

Adelbert's Brewery

AUSTIN - Yet another new craft brewery named Adelbert's Brewery is in the business plan and funding stage for Austin at a location yet to be determined.

Owner Scott Hovey plans to specialize in bottle-conditioned Belgian styles of beer, and hopes to be open by mid-2011.