Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cedar Creek Brewery Opens

SEVEN POINTS - Cedar Creek Brewery opened this week with a launch party at The Common Table in Uptown Dallas.

Although located southeast of Dallas near the Cedar Creek Reservoir, Cedar Creek beers will be distributed by Duff with North Texas one of their primary markets after their local area.

Cedar Creek has three beers initially available: Scruffy's Smoked Alt, Elliott's Phoned Home American Pale Ale and the Lawn Ranger Cream Ale.


Anonymous said...

So, I support almost all of my local/state breweries such as Deep Ellum, Four Corners, Lakewood, Franconia. Real Ale, Peticolas, Ranger Creek, etc, along with the local watering holes/stores that serve/sell their products. And, I'm always on the lookout for new breweries/local products to try. Last night one showed up at my local Whole Foods in the form of a Cream Ale by Cedar Creek Brewery, which is located about an hour SE of Dallas. I've been there plenty of times diggin' for records so I thought what the heck...maybe their brew would also bring me some satisfaction. The beer is called Lawn Ranger and is described as:

"Cream Ale is a style that is is under-appreciated by most of the craft beer world, we want to change that. Lawn Ranger is session ale with a solid malt character from the US 2-row, Rye, and Flaked Oats. Rye and Oats are not typical ingredients for a cream ale but they allow us to keep the alcohol low and still provide a some body to the beer. We use a minimal blend of Apollo and Bravo hops to balance the malts and German Alt yeast. This is the one to drink during the Texas summers or when you want to have more than a couple."

I'm typically a super-hop head, but made a sacrifice to support a sort of local company. Man, what an absolute disappointment! [b]This beer is WACK![/b]

I honestly feel like they created this beer to appeal to people who just want to say they are drinking a "craft" brew. Since it tastes like Bud Light I'm thinking this wouldn't be a big issue converting the locals. Even as I brought the glass to my lips I thought, "This is gonna suck!" It was! I was absolutely stunned at how it lacked any individuality with character, flavor, aroma and texture. I should have known with the IBU set at 18 that I was not going to satisfy my pallate.

Now, I naturally drank the entire 16oz can. But, for my next beer I was quick to switch. I now have 3 of the 4 16oz cans sitting in my fridge just waiting to laugh in the face of the next unsuspecting imbiber.

Big World Small Girl said...

Wow! I got to visit these guys just the other week. Love reading this post about your visit when they first opened! Cheers!


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