Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jester King Commercial Suicide

AUSTIN - Jester King has received label approval for its first bottled commercial release, their Commercial Suicide. Commercial Suicide is an oak-aged dark English mild with only 3.3% ABV, and is already available at select draft accounts in the Austin area.

750-ml bottles should be available before the end of the year.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to like this beer, I really did. I am a home brewer and a huge supporter of local craft brews.

That being said, Commercial Suicide, by one of Austin's newest craft breweries, Jester King, tastes like somebody took 8 oz. of a decent stout and topped it off with 4 oz. water. Not pleasant.

Fortunately, upon hearing my order, my waitress at Black Sheep suggested trying a sample first, because she said a lot of people find it distasteful. Count me in.

El Stone

Al :) said...

Ah, English mild. I grew up in England, and I can say to the above commenter, Mr Stone, that is how it is supposed to taste. The wonder of a mild is not that it is the best beer you ever tasted but that you can drink it for eight hours straight without falling over. My grandfather used to drink this sort of stuff with all his mates down at the local. I believe that may be why they call it commercial suicide.

nick s said...

" I believe that may be why they call it commercial suicide."

Absolutely. It's a brilliant, knowing name, and I salute them for it, though I can imagine what it tastes like to those whose palates have been shaped by viscous high-grav stouts.

I'd love to see more American craft brewers take on the dark mild: it's the truest session beer there is, and a real challenge to get it right and keep it under 4%.