Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wicked Beaver Brewing

WOLFORTH - The Texas Panhandle will soon have its first craft brewery in quite a while as Wicked Beaver Brewing is now under development and fundraising.

Brewers Michael Adams and Che Shadle are currently finalizing brewery plans for a site near Clarendon on the Greenbelt Reservoir, about 50 miles southeast of Amarillo. No date has yet been announced for a brewery opening.


Beer Of The Day said...

What an awful location. Worse than Waco's Bosque Brewing back in the mid 90's. Distribution is automatically going to be more expensive than it would be in a bigger market.

That said, I hope they make it work.

Anonymous said...

We have decided to launch in Wolfforth Texas. Ran into some TABC conflicts with the land in Clarendon. We have leased a building so we will be getting all of our permits soon.