Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Taps House of Beers

A new independent beer bar named Taps House of Beers has opened in the Washington Avenue area of Houston. Taps House of Beers features over 90 taps of domestic and imported beers in a style similar to the Flying Saucer establishments.

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Steven Jackson said...

I am drinking a beer at Taps and Yelping on my Blackberry so I will make this short and sweet. This is the place on Washington that had a beer barrel at the entrance. 96 taps on the wall a front and back patio with picnic seating. The tap wall is on the right as you walk in and to the left tables and chairs. Finished off with a few lounge chairs and sofas in the corners. The 96 taps is more than the flying saucer. That's right folks, chew on that

I'm glad this place has finally opened

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