Friday, February 27, 2009

Wimberley Brewing Company Open

The Wimberley Brewing Company & Brew Pub opened for business last month in Wimberley. It is part of The Junction, an area of collective restaurants in Wimberley owned and operated by former San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Bruce Collie.

About four of their house beers are currently available at the brewpub and a few of the surrounding restaurants in The Junction, with more planned. Other regional craft beers are also offered.

A separate brewpub website is still under development.


Matt Taylor said...

Went over to the Wimberley Brewing Co. tonight. They have six in house beers on tap right now (these are spelled exactly as they gave them to me):

1. Heaven Viessen-Wheat
2. Early Bird IPA
3. Birthday Pale Ale
4. Amber Ale
5. Back Rub Red
6. Porter

The Red was by far my favorite of the bunch, and is a pretty good Red in relation to most others.

Wimbrew said...

We were trying to be clever...the town of Wimberley is known as " a little bit of heaven". The Wimberley Brewing Company is known as " a little taste of heaven". maybe we should stick with hefe-weissen !?!?!?!? Thanks for coming in... let me know next time and we will have a pint.

Bruce Collie
Wimberley Brewing Company

The Captain said...

Seven of our Miata club members went there this past Saturday and really enjoyed it. The food was great and the prices are very reasonable. For the appetizers we had the chicken strips, fried zucchini, duck quesadillas, and fried cheese. For our main courses we had a few chicken fried steaks, a couple of the Brontosaurus burgers, and the Holly Collie Salad. Get the mac and cheese as a side, you won't be disappointed.

We also had some flights of all of the beers and the ones that Bruce had brewed were really great, especially the hefe-weissen and the dark godiva chocolate beer. Also, grab a glass of the best ginger ale you will ever have. (Thanks Bruce)

We plan on going back often and are looking forward to trying more of their beers as well as the sodas that they make.

Anonymous said...

They had 4 beers on tap when we went, all of them pretty good. The food and service was mediocre, but I'd go back to get a growler filled if they start doing that.

Shannon said...

My group of friends visited the Brewing Company this afternoon for lunch. While there were only 20-25 customers in the restaurant, and about 6 or 7 servers walking around, we waited over an hour for our food. I should mention that we ordered sandwiches and fried foods...nothing that requires a large amount of preparation.

During this time, not one of those servers came over to refill drinks or see how we were doing. We watched 3 other tables sit down, eat, and leave while we still waited for our food.

Once we got our food, several of our party sent the food back for being cold, undercooked, or just plain awful. Literally, their "spicy wing sauce" was made of ketchup and tabasco sauce. Our french fries were soggy, and the spinach was over-salted.

When a complaint was made, the manager claimed she would "take care of us", but ended up simply taking off the food that was sent back. Upon questioning this decision, we were asked "is there anything else that you didn't eat?"

Apparently waiting over an hour for food is standard practice and deserves no discount whatsoever.
We paid our bill, but we will NOT be back.

I suggest visiting any of the many restaurants in the Wimberley area before visiting the Wimberley Brewing Company.

Lolo said...

My family and I are planning a trip to the hill country and are planning to visit your Brew Pub. My husband is a homebrewer and I happened upon your site. Small world, I met you, your wife, and your 3 children (at that time) when I was in college during an FCA retreat. I still remember your parenting back then as it made an impact on me and ironically I was thinking of you guys the other day when I was disciplining my children. Can't wait to try out your pub and hopefully see you guys again!


Anonymous said...

Born in New York, but living in Texas for 25 years, I've missed authentic New York pizza. Brewster's Pizza changed that at first bite with their delicious flavors, wonderful dough, and healthy ingredients.

I experimented with a flight of four of their personally brewed beers and raved over the nuances of the hefe-weissen with a delicate yet exotic blend of herbs and fruit. When asked if I'd like to try a glass of it, I couldn't refuse and enjoyed every sip. All the beers were poured with the perfect amount of head.

On a beautiful day, sitting on the deck offered a relaxing experience.

Bruce (the original Brewster) and his family were friendly and helpful.

When we left, we felt nourished in body and spirit..

Anonymous said...

Hello,to Bruce from JohnWade in Arlington. Fello Mavrick. Good luck and i caint wait to visit and drink!My e-mail is my# is 817-946-6687

keith said...

Hey Cuz,Keith Stokes from Lexington,SC can't wait to visit and have a drink, my email is Happy New Year to you and your family!!!!