Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Port Aransas Brewing Now Open

The newest native Texas brewpub, Port Aransas Brewing Company, opened in Port Aransas during the last week of June in time for the Fourth of July holiday.

However, early response to this latest independent brewpub has been less than favorable. Comments by local customers range from "never try a new restaurant on opening day" to "the local brewpub just opened... and they suck." There is also speculation that the brewing operations are not actual beers brewed on-site but instead some sort of pre-packaged mixed products.

No opening announcement or review has been located, nor has any official response been found from the owner, Bob Pettit.


Jordan Mills said...

Of course this gets posted the weekend AFTER I drive through port aransas for the fourth of july.

Glad to see this, I'll have to try them out, and severely beat them if they're not a real brewpub.

Lee said...

At the Austin Chronicle, we have a rule that we don't review a restaurant until they've been in business six months, so that they can get their act together. Of course, that means the business has to rely during that period on adventurous types willing to give a newcomer a chance.

I'll be in Port A next month, and plan to give them a chance, but some of the stuff I read on that homebrewing page doesn't give me much hope.

Anonymous said...

I was in Corpus Christi a couple of weeks ago and met some local homebrewers. They said that the first batch of beer was somewhat less than decent. Issues may have included infection, not bringing the wort to a boil (!!) among others. They volunteered to go to the brewery and help out the brewer-not sure what became of that. Looks like there's some work to do down there.

windsurfwahine said...

Me and several friends visited the Port A Brew Co. Last Sat. We sampled ALL the beers! The only one that was drinkable was the Beach a lata. It was masked with tomato juice.
The food was horrible we tried the Margarita Pizza and Burgers. Looked like it was being run by a bunch of teenagers...on a Sat... seems like it would be the busiest time of the week. We were so excited to get a brew pub...too bad.

Anonymous said...

I'm no beer expert,but I thought the pizza was very good (no tomato sauce) and the beer was good. I've had better and worse. Service was pretty good and it was 75% of capacity for a saturday during the school year. I'd go back.

Anonymous said...

had the Stopher Burger which was excellent. Their beer was pretty bad.. They were out of the pale ale and a few others so I had to settle for the Pilsner, which was bitter & the Bock which tasted liked dirty dish water..