Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ginger Man Hosts "Texas Breweries" Tasting

The Ginger Man will host a "Texas Breweries" tasting at its Austin location on Monday, August 4th.

The tasting will include selections from five different Texas breweries such as Real Ale, Live Oak and Saint Arnold, as well as a few surprise guests as yet unannounced. Head brewers from the Austin-local breweries will also be present to lead the tasting and field questions.

Update: One of the unannounced breweries will be (512) Brewing, with owner and brewer Kevin Brand attending.


Dan Keeney said...

I hope they do this in Fort Worth. Love the fact that they are promoting the state's breweries.

assurbanipaul said...

They did, back in February:

The American Don said...

We got to get this set up in Houston as well, assuming they haven't done it already. The Sauce in downtown Houston as $2.75 Texas pints on Aug 17th for their anniversary. Oh it's real.