Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Darkside Moving to Production Facility

SAN MARCOS - Darkside Fermentation, the in-house brewing operation of the Root Cellar Cafe & Brewery, is leaving to establish its own production brewery.

Darkside Fermentation will end its association with the Root Cellar at a second anniversary block party on February 11th. One of the goals of the celebration is to reduce the present stock as much as possible to make way for the Root Cellar's new brewer and new beers.

Darkside Fermentation plans to have their facilities open in San Marcos before the end of this year.


PM Summer said...

Root Cellar's new brew-pub is up and running. They're serving a stout now, with a steam beer and a Pilsner on the way!

Anonymous said...

We are anxiously anticipating a the new Darkside brewery here in San Marcos. In the mean time the Root Cellar's new brewmeister, Robert Brushaber, is working hard on variety of beers including a Black IPA, a White IPA, Oakaged Burbon Stout, and a few varieties of Gluten Free options. Think Globally. Drink Locally! -Walter Couser