Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Big Texan Opens Brewpub

AMARILLO - The Big Texan Steak Ranch, the Route 66 steak house made famous for its offer of a free 72-ounce steak to anyone who can finish it, has added licensed brewing operations to its restaurant.

The addition effectively makes the Big Texan the state's newest brewpub. Restaurant co-owner and homebrewer Danny Lee is initially offering six beers to customers using a partial mash/DME system, with plans for expansion to 900 square feet of dedicated brewing space.


Anonymous said...

Ok Hand-craft beer drinkers, the "1836 Chocolate Bock" is now pouring. A lager with Belgium coca power gives this beer a great pairing with the Big Texan steaks.

Also, beginning September 6th we're adding to our bar menu a 72oz Steak Sandwich Slider. We take our world famous 72oz steak, cook it medium-rare, and cool it in our huge refrigerator overnight. Next morning we thinly slice the steak. When you order the sandwich, the meat is warmed, and the 12" X 15" sandwich is assembled using lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pickles, cheese and 4-1/2 pounds of tender top sirloin. The bread is a thin ciabatta brushed with olive oil. A great bread to go with that steak and brew. The price of this MOST WANTED is going to be $72.

No, it's not free to anyone eating it in an hour! But it will feed 9-hungry non-Texans or 1-hungry Texan.

Lastly, our Brewmaster increased our Rattlesnake IPA's IBU from 52 to 73 and in the furmenter is a whopping 99.6 IBUs! If this "bite" isn't enough, I swear I'll cook in the wort a whole, gutted western diamond-back rattlesnake!

Stop in for a cool pint and say howdy. All suggestions are appreciated and welcomed.

Happy Trails,
Danny Lee

Karla said...

Hey, came across your Beer Brewing stories.. I will have to come out and ck it out next time I am in Amarillo !! Danny, where is Becky ? I have tried locating her on facebook etc.... Would love to see all of you. Congratulations on
all your success !!

Anonymous said...

The worst beer on the market, it really isn't worth the effort to pour down the drain...

Anonymous said...

The beer sucks