Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Deep Ellum Brewing Company

DALLAS - Another new craft brewery called Deep Ellum Brewing Company is in the late development and planning stages for the Deep Ellum entertainment district of east Dallas.

Owner John Reardon is already searching for a professional brewer and staff, and hopes to be open by spring 2011.


wim bens said...

Any word if it will be a brewpub or a brewery? I would think brewpub.

Chad said...

It's a full production brewery, not a brewpub from what I understand.

assurbanipaul said...

Yes, this will be a full production microbrewery.

Ilya Feynberg said...

Seeing more and more breweries open up here and try to brew is fantastic!

We need them too! For some reason the Dallas beer culture here is in serious need of a shake up in my opinion. We just don't compare to folks down in Austin for example, which is a shame because we truly can with plenty of beer fanatics up here.

Anonymous said...

any way to contact the company about possible jobs?

John Reardon said...

For job openings, questions, or general words of encouragement, please contact me directly at johncreardon@yahoo.com.

Greatly appreciate the support! Looking forward to bringing the craft beer culture to Dallas!

Christopher Hanley said...

Hi John.

This is fantastic news!

I would like to know if you already have a logo for the Brewery?

Take a look at my website link below. I live in Deep Ellum and would love to discuss the possibilities!

14 years experience as a designer, specializing in Logo / Branding

My site is: http://www.carrihan.com

Good Luck & I look forward to hearing from you!


Jasmine said...

This is exciting. Welcome to Deep Ellum. There is a wonderful community of people that live in the neighborhood, which are great at supporting our local businesses.

Can't wait to taste what you come up with in brews.

John Reardon said...

Also, you can follow along in the adventure at....


Anonymous said...

Where is this place located? Anyone have an address? Please advise...Thank you.