Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Real Ale Launches New Website

BLANCO - Hill country brewer Real Ale launched a newly redesigned and updated website this week. Online improvements include updates, brewery merchandise and updates about the latest products and events.

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Ilya Feynberg said...

Love, love, love these guys down there by Austin! I stumbled upon them purely by accident as well here in Dallas. Picked up one of their sampler 6 packs a couple of months ago, and am hooked on just about every brew they make. Some of them could be a bit stronger and complex in their flavors and notes, but more or less great beers!

I'm a BIG fan of their pale ale's especially the rye pale ale. Probably one of the best pale's for a hot summer day...just serve extra chilled. :)

I have a group of folks down in Austin...Beerlings as I like to call them, and we're going to be headed their way sometime in the next few weeks for a brewery tour and tasting.

Let me know if you want to join us! I'll like...blog about ya! :)