Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Winemaker Shop Changes Hands

Fort Worth's long-time homebrew supply store The Winemaker Shop will be closing its doors for good on December 27th. It will reopen under new ownership as Fort Worth Homebrew at an new and expanded nearby location.

The Winemaker Shop is Fort Worth's oldest home winemaking and brewing supply store. Originally opened in 1971, it was purchased by Emery and Janet Baca in 2005, who expanded its inventory and became involved in many local homebrewing events and competitions.

Fort Worth Homebrew is scheduled to open January 2nd, 2009. The new location will be the same business park as the current location (Suite 2826, SE Loop 820).


Chuck said...

Does anyone know if these guys are up and running yet? I can't seem to get anyone to answer the phone...

assurbanipaul said...

City inspections have forced a delay in opening the new place, even though the lease has expired on the old place. Status is day-to-day.