Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rahr & Sons Pale Ale: Follow Up

The new Rahr & Sons English pale ale now has a name: Blind Salamander Pale Ale, the first in their new series of beers called Rare Breed. The Rare Breed series will be dedicated to endangered native Texas species and will include donations of a portion of sales to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation.

The Texas blind salamander is an eyeless cave dweller native to the Edwards Aquifer of west-central Texas around San Marcos. Pollution of the aquifer and population growth have threatened its habitat.


Recyclican said...

Do you know when Blind will be sold in stores? I'm going to be in town next weekend and would love to get my hands on a six-pack!

assurbanipaul said...

No definite word on when it will be released. Could be in stores any day now.