Friday, February 15, 2008

Franconia Brewery Now Open

Texas' newest operational brewery is now the Franconia Brewery, located in McKinney. Franconia was built and owned by Dennis Wehrmann, former master brewer at the Addison Two Rows location.

Franconia will sell in draft and keg only for now. Originally planned are four beers: a light lager, a wheat ale, a third beer that will either be a k├Âlsch or a schwarzbier, and one as yet unnamed that will be sold exclusively through the Two Rows chain.

The McKinney brewery will be run by Wehrmann and his brewer, Gavin Secchi. A website is still under development.


TimC said...

It is actually Franconi Brewery, without the "a".

assurbanipaul said...

According to the McKinney Courier-Gazette as well as the TABC license, it is "Franconia."

Anonymous said...

According to "their" website it is called Franconia Brewing Company.

Anonymous said...

I am guessing it is named after the region of Germany called Franconia, with the a. I think it is Franken in German. Dennis ,their brewmaster is from Germany, would know this.